Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Get Carried Away...every home should have one, you know.

I speak, of course, of the latest Sunshine Drenchy Records release, Carried Away by The Ditchflowers

When you think about it, it's preposterous that I even have to mention this. If exposure were directly proportionate to raw talent, we'd probably all be quite sick of them by now. Several of these tracks would be in heavy Clear Channel rotation; CD artwork and oversized promo displays would be beckoning to patrons in Best Buy outlets nationwide, and nationally-syndicated TV shows would be serenading us with Ditchflowery soundtracks all over the bloody place. Of course, some of us would be falling over ourselves to reminisce aloud about how we used to go and see Ed Woltil's "Mad For Electra" and Brian Merrill's "Barely Pink" in the clubs and bars back in the day, and how they were so much better back then, before they sold out.

As we all know, however, talent seems to have fallen way down on the list of prerequisites for commercial success these days. Generally speaking, you have to scavenge and forage about the outskirts of the pop landscape in order to find the true gems. No, it's not what you'd call fair, I suppose, but there is a special kind of satisfaction to be had in such discoveries.
It's not my intention to review this stellar album, track-by-track for you; I'd rather you enjoy unearthing the little beauties for yourself. So, off you go-- have a Listen and tell me that these Ditchflower lads aren't making some of the tastiest pop music you've heard in donkey's years, and I'll meet you at dawn, rapier at the ready.

Will they sell out? They will if there's any justice.