Thursday, October 11, 2007

Blessed are the Meeks...

On the heels of his rather glowing Indie Launchpad review, Colin Meeks kindly featured my nostalgia-tripping school playground singalong "The Best Days Of Your Life" alongside tracks by The Weakerthans , Jane Taylor and Chris Brown on Episode #74 of his Indie Launchpad Podcast .

Colin's love for his family, and his unabashed enthusiasm for Indie music that moves him, are on full display during his podcasts, and it's quite endearing. It's also quite contagious--after listening to him positively gush over every one of his selections, I felt compelled to investigate them all further.

Quality stuff, as it turned out. Chris Brown, in particular, impressed me. His track All My Rivals made me think of The Beach Boys' underappreciated "Holland" album. See if you don't agree.

If not, it's detention for the lot of you.