Monday, September 10, 2007

Is that an Irish lilt, or do you always stand like that?...

I'm pleased to announce that the smart online retailer Miles Of Music has added "Undercurrent" to their catalogue. They passed on my last release, so I was quite pleased that they saw fit to take this one on board. They're even selling it with a money-back guarantee, apparently.

Miles Of Music reviewer Jeff Weiss writes -- "Robinson...creates pop gems teeming with mandolin, harmony, touches of English folk, Irish lilt and baroque pop."

Let's not argue with the man; let's all click here, or on the logo above to read more, and to listen to audio samples of "Wooden Hill" and "Wasted And Waiting", shall we?

If you don't do it for the mandolin or the harmony, at least do it for the Irish lilt.