Tuesday, June 05, 2007

DigStation - Indie Music Downloads
Can you dig it?...
Yes you jolly well can, dear friends. Individual tracks from the new album are now available for download at Digstation . Of course, you can also download the whole thing, liner notes and cover art and all, if you're so inclined.

For the more traditional-minded among you; those who still prefer to have an actual hard copy release, CDs are now available for purchase at CD Baby.
While you're there, have a listen to lo-fi clips of the songs, and then, if you're sufficiently impressed, you can always spring for the full, er...mid-fi experience.

If not, I'll totally understand. We'll part friends, and you can trot off and tell everyone how Robinson has lost it, and has not only written a song (Road To Ruin) that veers awfully close to anti-war/protest song territory (something I've long claimed I would never do) and hired a young and gifted fiddle player (Victor Gagnon of Seven Nations/Rathkeltair fame) in an attempt to enliven and add a little Celtic flavour to an otherwise lumpen, drunken "Wasted And Waiting" tale (something I've long wanted to do), but has also resorted to adorning the knees-up nostalgia-fest known as "The Best Days Of Your Life" with a (gasp!) tuba solo (something I may well do again).

I can live with that; fair's fair, I suppose. Do me a favour though--don't mention the bodhran, ok?

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