Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Hearsay, there and everywhere...

Although it's still up and running quite nicely thank you very much, is currently undergoing a little refurbishment. As a result, the Reviews section of the site hasn't been updated in some time. This situation will be remedied shortly and links to recent reviews should soon be posted.

In the meantime I thought I'd share a few recent quotes of note:

"Every cut is a crystalline gem" --Luke Torn, Uncut

"One of the better discs of 2007 that I've heard" --Stephen Ferra, Absolute Powerpop

"'Undercurrent' is often gorgeously melodic - the ballad 'Love Is Real' borders on majestic - and Robinson's clear, controlled tenor is the perfect conduit" --Eric Snider, Creative Loafing

"Great guitars, great harmonies and awesome lyrics" --Johanna Bodde, Insurgent Country (The Netherlands)

"Elegantly crafted Beatlesque folk-rock of the highest calibre" --Rob Lincoln, CD

"His songwriting and guitar playing are, as his label suggests, drenched in sunshine" --David Cowling, Americana UK

"Can I please put my Hannah Montana CD on now, dad?" --Emma Robinson

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