Thursday, October 18, 2012

Malala Yousafzai: A little guidance please...

Let me get this straight: The Taliban were sufficiently threatened by this brave, beautiful child and her public advocation of women's access to education, that they actually sent gunmen to board a school bus in order to shoot her? Not only do they admit to this unthinkable atrocity, but they gleefully maintain that they will again come after her in the event that she recovers from her injuries.

I'm trying to think of something worthwhile and insightful to say about this horror story, but I'm honestly at a total loss. It's so far beyond my comprehension that all I can do is scream silently inside and hope to God (or perhaps to that oft-mentioned prophet whose name and image I'm hesitant to mention lest I use it inappropriately and get my own personal fatwa issued just in time for Christmas) that someone can offer me some little pearl of wisdom or a little spiritual guidance that might help me process this.

Photo: Getty Images

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